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paper sailing boats.
I could have sworn that star was moving
even though i'm standing still
the boat I'm on is anchored
but the rocking is so beautiful.
You set your course for North
and left your anchorage in the bay
caught the wind in your sails
and sailed on away.
Each of us had always known
you didn't belong here and now that you've grown
and flown off for much bigger places and things
I see birds in cages find less reason to sing.
Now we're separated by ten thousand
nautical miles and one hundred islands
the most important thing I have to tell you
is love deeply, forgive and enjoy everything you do.
:icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 3 2
with scissors and glue.
I think that when God made me
he'd run out of the defining parts
that make each brand new person
a brand new work of art
And so said God, I'll make you
a colourless empty shell
you'll take a part of each person you meet
and make it part of you as well.
:icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 3 4
the face of the ocean.
These are the things I know to be true,
the ocean is green and sometimes blue,
but if I knew it the way you do,
I suppose then that I would be you.
We are all good mirrors but very poor windows,
no one could ever become me although,
when it comes to the end of our show,
we are all just who each of us wanted to know.
I've felt the burning in my finger tips,
and pressed them to my own cold lips,
a cracked hull makes for a sinking ship,
and perfect timing a solar eclipse.
When you've felt what it's like to be free,
be sure to come back and tell it to me,
eyes just like the olivine sea,
we've found truth here beneath the apple tree.
And so when the clocks begin to ask,
the price and worth of a looking glass,
I hope we can all learn to look past,
each of our painted on masquerade masks.
:icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 1 8
when it happens to you.
when the media screams suicide
does it hit a little harder now?
when they say three bullets
do you wonder why they count?
when they say he'll never walk again
and she'll never sing
do you wonder who decides this
and why their word counts for everything?
do you know now that it's possible
to die from aneurism at age ten
or contract terminal cancer
when there are still places you've never been?
is there anything more real
than the funeral of a friend?
the final goodbye
the last of the end
this story's a sad one
so when i tell you to love
i hope you can understand
before your view is from above
:icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 1 3
hands by tiredeyessoftlight hands :icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 1 2 red sky at night. by tiredeyessoftlight red sky at night. :icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 7 0 something beautiful. by tiredeyessoftlight something beautiful. :icontiredeyessoftlight:tiredeyessoftlight 4 7


head of the class
life leaves you lessened, not learned.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 42 34
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We Grow, We Glow, We Go
You're the most dysfunctional person here.
You know what,
fuck your story and your name; let's make new ones.
Let's run out of here.
And this town.
And this timezone.
I'll pull down trees, if you collect bees, on the move, we'll hit the coast, we'll have a raft and a hive, we'll survive on honey and awkward contemplations and uneasy silences, we'll break ourselves into zillions of pieces and rewrite each of them at a time until we forget everything we were taught and experience everything for the first time, a million times, we'll never get to know one another, but create each other, we'll shift the direction of the sun's orbital plates and finger-paint in the bluest nebulae, we'll slip through the big bang's tightest knot to the beginning of feeling and give all of ours back, take it, here, it's done me no good, a sweet poison, I love it and it cracks 'love' open into a yolky mess of a definition that is irrelevant to my unscripted intentions, we'll track down Webster headquarters, wh
:icongetyourgrip:GetYourGrip 18 6
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there is no God
when i see you,
give me something
to write about
we all have
our stories
your vessel
of flesh'll
be another
in God's
and if death
isn't the peak
of a plot,
but how it ends,
i would
like to have
my climax with
you, and
die in your
you're a
good girl
gone bad
gone back
look at your
skinny arms, love;
all your
wrong's gone
i promise,
i will always
make this feel
without words,
all of me,
and what i do,
there is no God
who doesn't love you
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